The more you are in alignment with the universe, the more you will start noticing certain magical synchronicities.

There are no coincidences in the universe. Nothing is random and everything that happens happens for a reason. What people often call “happy coincidences” are actually no “coincidences”, but signs from the universe, either for you to awaken or to show you that you are in alignment. Below are some examples of what those synchronicities might look like.

Numbers are one of the most obvious, if not the most obvious, ways the universe (some like to use the terms guides, angels etc.) communicates with you. You might start seeing certain numbers repeatedly. At the beginning of a spiritual awakening it’s often number 1 that you see everywhere.
There was a time when I woke up a few days in a row at exactly 11:11 pm. Literally every day.
Then there might also be mind-boggling cases like when you look at your phone at 7:07 pm and the battery is charged 77 % and you’re just watching a YouTube video that is 7:07 min long.
The more you align yourself with the universal energies, the more of those numeric sequences you will start seeing everywhere. Car numbers, receipts, phone, clock, etc.

Even people who aren’t very aware of the spiritual world know that certain colors have certain… energies and effects. The chakras have certain colors that symbolize certain things and evoke certain energies, emotions, feelings, moods, etc. Depending on the type of energy that flows through you, you will notice that you perceive certain colors more intensely or come across them more often than usual.
For example, there was a time after a long period of depression when I had absolutely no life energy and questioned if it would ever come back. But it slowly did and one day I started seeing red everywhere. When I opened the (red lol) YouTube app the videos that got recommended to me where all red! How to make a red velvet cake, some video of a person completely dressed in red… Then I went outside and everyone seemed to be wearing red! There were red flowers everywhere! And around that time I felt that my life force had come back, my physical energy went up and I enjoyed doing material and physical stuff again and felt like moving. Red is the color of the first chakra that stands for physical existence, basic needs, survival, etc., so yeah, that makes sense, right? 😉

Another time I had another “software download” during which I felt like everything inside me was erased and then everything started to feel new and alien. I think that was the moment when I thought “Okay, that’s it now. Now the major spiritual awakening phase is over.”.
The next day I went outside and saw sky blue everywhere. People were all wearing blue, there were random blue plastic pieces on the street and someone whom I sometimes had met in the city was wearing blue for the first time since I got to know her lol. Then I walked up a hill and it was a cloudy day and suddenly I saw a blue light shining through the clouds!
Sky blue is the color of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra and I knew, now it’s time to speak my truth and express myself.

You might also see light flashes of a certain color, depending on what state you’re in. It’s nothing to worry about.

Finding money (and other stuff) everywhere
Now, that’s good news, eh? 😂 When I was depressed I often went outside to wander around. It was a time when I felt a lot of despair and struggled with the pain of being alive every day. Because I really did not want to be alive, it was all just a huge pain in the ass lol. But then I started to find coins on the street. And you know, when you find random coins, there is a brief moment of delight, feeling that you’re lucky. At first, I didn’t think much about it, but then I started to find coins almost daily, haha! I googled it and yes, those are also signs from the universe communicating with you, letting you know that you are special and should not give up!

Another thing that kept happening more often than ever before was that I suddenly started finding feathers (you can google the spiritual meaning of feathers of certain colors) everywhere and beer bottle caps with certain numbers on it. On one day I found one with 77 on it and then I kept seeing 7 the whole day lol.

There was also a day when I saw silver stuff lying around everywhere. I googled it: “Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing. It is used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer.” (source here). Then I passed by a jewellery shop and saw this:

Pure silver Zodiac signs, “New Spirit” (literally!), 69 € (3, 6 and 9 are the “most spiritual numbers”, or as Tesla said, “the keys to the universe”!). What’s also funny is that I was just researching about Zodiac signs on that day lol.

Synchronistic events
Everything that happens to you happens in divine right time, when you’re ready for it. The more you get aligned with the universal energies, the more synchronistic events will happen to you. You will “randomly” meet the right people at the right time and see opportunities popping up everywhere.
Yesterday I thought about playing with huskies and there is a person I know who has huskies. So I went to her home to see them and just when I arrived, she also came back with her car from running errands and invited me in 😀
We spend the whole day together and I even got to take the huskies for a walk! It was so beautiful!

Get on the flow of the universe and let yourself be taken to the most amazing places!
Also, pay attention and be aware, because this whole thing here is just a game.

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