Being Reckless Like a Husky

I think the husky is my spirit animal these days. When I was taking the huskies of my friend for a walk, I felt like I was one of them. They are working machines, running, running, running, no matter what. They want to keep moving, going forward and that’s my current state.

The owner of the huskies has already spent quite a lot of time on this planet, so she’s not able to run as fast as one of her husky would like to. So the husky is always pulling and pulling, but being restricted by the owner and the leash. Honestly, I just wanted to take him and run, run, run!(笑)Anyway, walking with huskies gives you such an incredible feeling of freedom and strength, it’s amazing!

In addition, I keep picking the same cards (here and here) over and over again, telling me exactly what I’m feeling: go, go, go! Be reckless! Honestly, I’ve felt like this all my life. Kind of like a ray of light destroying everything that comes in the way lol. Hard to describe, not in a violent sense, but you know? More like for example, once I get to a certain level, I cannot stand doing stuff below that level. Like if I know trigonometry I don’t wanna spend my time teaching basic math operations, you know?! Or like when I speak a certain fluently, I don’t wanna teach the basics to someone, because it feels boring.

So spirit is telling me to walk my way, regardless of which level anyone else is at. ‘Cause you know, if everyone keeps operating at the same level all the time, nothing will ever change! Sometimes I talk to people and they say things like “Well, that’s the current level of humanity, we have to accept it.” or “Well, you gotta adjust to the system.”. HELL NO! Since I don’t really care if I live or die right now (or ever), I’ll not adjust to anything in a way that restricts my spirit, because if I keep following the fucking rules, nothing will ever change, you know?

It’s time that someone tells the Truth upfront here. I feel like all the relevant information has been being hidden behind the mask of art. Like all the songs that keep popping up for me that tell the Truth, everyone listens to them, but almost no one, if anyone, seems to understand the real meaning behind them. How could you if no one ever explained or taught it to you? It’s time to get it out there in a direct way, so that everyone can understand, regardless of whether or not everyone’s ready for it. I feel like that’s what I’m here for, taking the lead and dragging everyone along like a husky.

People need to stop asking myopic questions and talking about myopic shit only! There are of course a lot of spiritual teachers out there, but I feel like everyone’s been too passive up until now, like playing it save, keeping it within the system, hiding meanings, etc. So that’s why I was equipped with this bold personality lol (INTJ-A if ya know what I mean? xD), to tell you the Truth right in yo’ face! xD

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