My Internet has not been working very well these days

and I think it’s my fault. I keep getting those pop-ups that tell me that there is an unusual amount of traffic coming from my network and a lot of the people I’ve been communicating with suddenly told me that their Internet has not been working well as they were talking to me. I feel like my energy field is causing some disturbances lol.

There is this image in my mind, like my purple energy field is sweeping away everything in its vicinity as it is expanding. It’s a storm and it’s so fucking beautiful and powerful. Hence 빨리 빨리 피해 right! lol.

As I woke up today, I saw those purple cells again, but this time they were flashing in a white light, firing like neurons.

Today I saw a lot of pink. Pink dressed people (also purple again), pink plastic pieces on the street, etc. There was one girl in pink, but she was smoking. I gotta tell you I fucking hate cigarette smoke and it’s fucking disgusting, no matter who smokes it, but for some reason it’s even more disgusting to me when I see a girl smoke. Why’d you come up with that, consciousness?

Pink is the color of unconditional love and compassion. I do not find certain things pleasant of course, but I can’t “hate” stuff anymore, like really “hate” like you would hate when you’d live in duality. When everything is just one, it’s impossible to hate stuff.

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