Purple Line

Okay, this is a continuation of yesterday’s post. Yesterday I suddenly felt like eating bread after a long time. So I went to the supermarket and bought yeast and then I went home and made the dough. I usually fry my bread and prepare it on a cutting board – coincidently a PURPLE cutting board! Also, when I opened the cupboard to take it out, there was also the purple garlic in a purple net that I had bought some time ago.

The universe is so intelligent… I can’t even. Everything is so damn meticulously planned and guided, it’s ridiculous. It feels like there is no end to the depth of it, it just keeps going and going. I’m downloading all this information and my physical body is too limited to manifest it all into material tangible stuff and write it down all at once!

Yesterday then this song came to mind as well:

“Purple Line” by TVXQ!. I first listened to this years ago when I started learning Korean and now it all makes sense. SM keeps releasing those songs that all speak my truth and what I’m experiencing. Someone of the authors of the lyrics must have been experiencing the same as me.

Today, or should I say yesterday (June 25th, 2020), when I woke up, before I opened my eyes I saw a pattern of purple cells all with a blue core and when I pressed together my eyelids even more, the pattern of many cells turned into one large cell. I will draw a picture of that in GIMP when I get to it. My whole body seems to be aligning itself to the core now, hence the cells.

Then I got up and while taking a shower I closed my eyes tightly again and a purple moving pattern showed up. I’ve never seen completely black when I closed my eyes and I thought that’s normal. There were always some colors moving, even if it was completely dark and my eyes completely closed. I get the sense that that’s not the case for everyone, but has more to do with clairvoyance (clear seeing) and other psychic abilities.

I also saw a person completely dressed in purple again today (I don’t think it’s that common?! Especially for men?!), it really hits me in my eyes these days. Then I came back home and been doing some stuff on the Internet, purple keeps popping up everywhere. In fact, the theme for this website, I think we’re meant to be. The theme is called “Agama”. Do you know what that is? I didn’t know, but look at this. Hinduism! I can’t even… Universe, you are so brilliant! Also, when a page is loading, the theme shows a little pig. You know what pig spirit stands for? Fortune, fame, reputation, wealth, savings, good luck, etc… You see, it’s all perfect.

And then YouTube just recommended this song to me a few hours/minutes ago:

Completely purple and totally my style and mood right now… Holy shit, I just looked at the lyrics briefly, it’s exactly what I’m experiencing right now… Feeling like I’m going to explode because of all that purple energy that is flowing through me right now, and there is this line: 독해져버린 Nine 받아봐 (Take the NINE that has become strong/potent). NINE! 9 is my soul urge number! Holy shit! I’ve been feeling like finally putting myself and my full name (the soul urge number is derived from the vowels of one’s full birth name) out there these days, which is something that I was always afraid of doing in the past. So, that’s it! That’s what I’m destined to do!

Also, this: 쫓기는 거 싫어서 이젠 앞에서 말해 (I don’t like to be chased, so from now on, I’ll say it in front of you). Okay, I heard ya, universe, I heard ya. Your wish is my command.

Damn, I wanna meet the person (or persons?!) who’s been writing all those lyrics! MS Teachings for SM Entertainment lol. That’s destiny.

Also, gotta translate all that stuff for spiritualsonglyricstranslations.org. Man, so many things to do!

Still kinda getting used to my new old self. Weird, but exciting. Do you understand why I said “new old”? Old because I have an old soul and because the truth is programmed into everyone’s DNA from the beginning. New because my old real self does feel kinda new after shaking off all the bullshit that was covering it up over all these years.

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