Infinite Healing

There is the possibility for infinite healing. These thoughts came to me just when I woke up. I was thinking about the sick husky of my friend.

She told me that he’s really old and he’s always had health problems. You know, me, I was always that kinda person who thought to herself, Sick? Me? Naw. That doesn’t happen to me lol. And it hasn’t really happened in years, haven’t even caught a tiny cold in years. Of course I was sick very often as a kid, because of all the shit they pump into you, vaccines, medicine, antibiotics, etc.

Anyway, I can tell that she’s projecting that mental image of an old sick dog onto her dog while giving him useless treatments, which indeed makes him sick.

When I visited her one day, we almost spend the whole day together and I was observing and energizing the dog. I noticed that, as I was healing the dog, he really sort of revived! We went for a walk together, I took the “sick” dog on a leash, the owner took the other two dogs. I did not think that he was sick, instead I just treated him like he was completely fine and as we were walking, his spirits returned like for real! Towards the end of the walk, we ran together and he suddenly started being playful like a little puppy again! I could see the joy and happiness of a little playing puppy in his eyes, it was so beautiful!

Then it was feeding time and things started to go downhill again. Why? Because now the dog would absorb the owner’s energy and emotional state. You could tell that the dog did absolutely not want to eat the dog food she was giving him, I could see that he was begging her to not force him to eat that uh… yeah, it literally looked like shit lol. You know, if an animal (or a person) doesn’t want to eat something, then you should not force them to fucking eat, OKAY?! There is a reason for why they don’t want to eat! First of all, fasting is not a bad thing for species like us, it even has healing properties. I suppose if the dog has liver problems, he doesn’t want to eat that food, because there is something in there that’s not good for him.

So, the owner said that sometimes he eats it, sometimes he doesn’t and that he’s only being picky bla bla bla… No! He just knows that the food is not good for him, because guess what? The pure raw meat she gives the dog as treats, he loves it! He was reluctant to eat the artifical dog food, but when she gave him a piece of raw meat, he immediately devoured it! If she would just stop forcing him eating shit and giving him that stupid medicine, he would be in a much better condition already!

On top of that, as I mentioned before, there is the emotional state and image someone projects onto others and dogs are especially sensitive to it. You know, when you feel bad and project that mental image out into the world, your dog will absorb all that negative energy and be miserable. It was interesting to observe it as the owner was feeding the dogs. If I had to translate it into words, it’d be something like “Why aren’t you eating?! You are supposed to eat! It’s not healthy! You are sick, you should eat! And you will only get the treat if you eat this!”. And while she was projecting that mental image onto the dog, I could see that the dog was really sad and torn inside, because he didn’t want to eat that shit, but also not disappoint the owner… it was so heartbreaking, I just wanted to tell her to fucking stop it and just give him a piece of meat!

You know, the liver is said to be the only organ that can continuously fully regenerate itself, so… LISTEN TO ME lol.

And you know what’s also funny? The first card I drew this morning when the thoughts for this post came to my mind was this one (click the image to read the interpretation) and also the horse card again, hehe:

Archangel Raphael Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

There is the possibility for infinite healing without all the artificial bullcrap that’s swirling around in the world. First of all, one needs to stop projecting that mental image of “being sick”, that will already help a great a deal. You know placebo, right?! (for those of you who’re like, “But there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever!” bla bla bla. Forget that shit!)

And when you realize that you are an infinite source of energy, you will be able to heal yourself as well as others in much more powerful and natural ways.

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