Some Spiritual Romantic Talk lol

Damn, the number of this post is 441, so 4 + 4 + 1 = 9, haha! In addition, I clicked on this post of a blog I’m following:

You see? 10:59 = 1 + 5 = 6 and 9, battery at 39 %, 24 comments = 2 + 4 = 6, and 63 likes. 3, 6 and 9 everywhere! Oh, even the feed number 9279 is 9 + (7 + 2) + 9 = 9 + 9 + 9 -> 999. And published 9 hours ago! HA!

Also, that post contained an image of a bed and its color was royal blue, the color of the 6th chakra (Third Eye Chakra)! The chakra of INTUITION! And then I closed my eyes and looked at my aura and today it’s indeed predominantly royal blue! With a mix of the previously mentioned purple and green!

You remember that I said I’m so not able to think logically anymore! It’s just all completely intuitive, it’s so weird and amazing lol.

So, I had a dream today in which I was hugged and kissed (but then I think I got up and went somewhere else, because I needed some distance) by this guy I’ve been talking to online for over a year now. When I first started talking to him, he seemed rather closed and at that time (holy shit, it’s not even been 2 years since all this crazy stuff started happening?! lol) I wasn’t really aware enough to recognize what was going on. So, I had the habit of cutting people out of my life if I felt that they were closed-minded and rigid in a certain way and I felt the same about him, so at some point I just stopped replying. But ya know how it is, sometimes you get the urge to contact certain people again, so I did! And since then we’ve been talking.

So, the thing about him is, I can see that he has build up walls around himself, like a lot of people have these days. When I think of him, I can see the color red, so it’s basically the first chakra, which is concered with basic needs and stuff. He seems to be very trapped in the materialistic world, most of the stuff he talks about is only concerned with that. And whenever I try to talk about a little bit deeper stuff, he just ignores it. You know, he is very meticulous and usually replies and comments on everything I said in a previous mail, but when it comes to certain emotional things, he just completely ignores it lol. So I’ve been playing around a little bit and yes, it’s indeed his pattern. I can feel that he must have been hurt a lot in the past, which caused him to shut down and suppress his anger, which I can also feel through his e-mails.

I feel some sort of connection to him, but I get the sense it’s only of physical nature?! 😂 Because I really can’t imagine being with someone who’s at a completely different level and only talks and thinks in materialistic terms, you know? But the funny thing is 😂 that I keep drawing these card a lot recently (click images to read interpretations):

Chantall | Angel cards, Angel readings, Oracle cards
Daniel Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

The first one, yes, I can see and feel that, but the second one?! 😂 I am not married and don’t really want to, because I think it’s just an unnecessary human concept! 😂 I don’t need a fucking piece of paper to be with someone I love, ya know?! 😂 I can be with someone forever without marrying them, you know? 😂 Oh well, I’ll just go with the flow and let myself be surprised 😂

Anyway, maybe consciousness wants me to break his shell and make him open up a little bit, who knows. I’ll just enjoy the ride 😂

Oh and today this song is playing in my head (I explained it here):

It’s a new month today and I asked my company to delete my e-mail accounts and other accounts related to the company yesterday. They deleted my e-mail account, but the other two are still there… I hope they’ll delete them at some point or I will change the personal information and set a random passwort, so I can finally stop thinking about it and move on. ‘Cause I really hate it when I wanna close a chapter, but am unable to delete shit related to it 😂 Especially non-tangible stuff like online accounts! I’m okay with material things cluttering up my environment, but accounts and shit, I hate it when I can’t delete them when I want lol. It’s my pet peeve 😂 But we’ll see what we can do.

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