In one of my previous posts I talked about the spiritual meaning of silver and how I suddenly started coming across silver stuff everywhere. (Also been seeing grey (silver) feathers all the time). Well, today I literally felt like silver. I was kind of reflecting all the people’s energies I came across.

I’m a completely different person now. I used to avoid looking into people’s eyes or directions on the street, I used to keep stuff to myself, I used to be careful about what I say and do so that I didn’t draw too much attention to myself… Well, today I really felt like this old me has completely disappeared, for real. In the past, when I didn’t like the bullshit they were telling me, I would just kind of soak it in and ignore it and be quiet, but today, man, I was like “OKAY, ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT!!!” XD

There are a lot of people (if not all of them) in my surroundings who always say stuff that just makes me so damn angry… Like the most fucked up bullshit like “What do you do now? You should get a good job, so you will get enough pension when you’re old, you should work more” bla bla bla… SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING STUPID PIECES OF SHIT!!! NO! I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT FUCKING STUPID JIBBER-JABBER FOR FUCK’S SAKE! Fucking people aren’t able to see the fucking bigger picture! Even after Corona! HOW CAN ONE BE SO FUCKING STUPID?! You see, I have no patience with this kinda bullshitty mindset anymore! It’s fucking over! MAN! WHO SAYS YOU WILL GET ENOUGH FUCKING PENSION WHEN YOU’RE OLD, HUH?! You see how fast the government can change laws and how everything you thought was “save” is just a fucking illusion?! HUH?! WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! How many more “crises” do you need to wake up, huh?! HOW MANY?!

When I hear this one more time, like get a save job, stay within the fucking system, I’m gonna fucking explode, okay?! I already kinda did today! FUCK THE FUCKING SYSTEM! I’m gonna change that! MOTHER GAIA IS ANGRY, OKAY?! And everyone who’s not gonna follow me will be fucking wiped out of this planet!

And then I came across some more shitheads today! Fucking stupid racist people who still have nothing better to do than make ching-chong sounds when they see an Asian, huh?! I used to ignore them, but today I turned around and stared at them like “You are just fucking pieces of shit”, but walked on (since I still have to get used to the new me), then I saw them behind me passing by in car and I showed them the middle finger, I’m not sure if they saw it, because they were far away, but I fucking hope they did! Because I’m not gonna tolerate all this fucking bullshit on this fucked up planet anymore, OKAY?! Next time I meet stupid people I will just fucking take their heads and smash them on the ground! I hate this shit! Being awake in a world that’s just fucking stupid and sleeping is such a fucking pain in the ass! Just let me already go home!

This is aggressive red energy flowing through me right now (maybe that’s why I saw the red flowers as well) and it’s pushing me to take action and destroy everything that blocks my way! XD It’s time to get this shit moving.
All negative energy that comes my way will be reflected back to you and if you don’t wake the fuck up you will be fucking destroyed by yourself, okay?

(Lol the number of this post is 555!!! -> “Angel Number 555 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you.”
You see what happens when you wake up?!)

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