AleXa – “Bomb” πŸ’£ & Shark Spirit πŸ¦ˆ

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (so… no one XDDD) you might have seen that consciousness sent (= YouTube recommended XD) me this song yesterday:

Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we? Right at the beginning we see this:

First of all, you see “samsara” (ΰ€Έΰ€‚ΰ€Έΰ€Ύΰ€°) above the shark? What’s that, I wondered and asked Wikipedia XD. So here we go:

SaαΉƒsāra is a Sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world”, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. It is also the concept of rebirth and “cyclicality of all life, matter, existence”. In short, it is the cycle of death and rebirth.”

Circuitous change… yeah, the way to enlightenment is fucking circuitous XD. Once you’re there you’re like, Man, this is so fucking obvious, why doesn’t everyone realize this?! And then it’s just like, well, stuff changing, dying, coming back alive on the surface, but none of it really affects you all that much anymore.

In the second picture we see “YACHAY is the Quechua word for knowledge”. Damn, the Quechua tribe is located in South America! I also have roots there as you can see on my DNA test here! You’d think why Quechua of all things?! Well, consciousness doesn’t do anything without a reason πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“Yachay is the Quechua word for knowledge. It is derived from the verb yacha (know), specifically referring to ritual knowledge. Similarly, the word for shaman is yachak, or one who knows.”

Maaan, that makes sense! All my life I just intuitively knew stuff, because it seemed to obvious and logical to me and then I saw people asking stupid obvious questions where I thought, Man, why y’all asking stupid questions?! Isn’t that obvious?! XD Turns out I’m also claircognizant (and apparently also a shaman, since these points also apply to me and my dad used to talk about shamanism a lot too! WOAHHH! It just goes deeper and deeper! See, I’m a 9, can be everything and nothing!). Here’s what claircognizance means:

“Claircognizance is the intuitive ability of clear knowing. Claircognizance is also called clear-knowing, divine knowing, or drop-in insight.  Claircognizant information often comes in like a light bulb illuminating suddenly within your head, or a sudden bright and clear idea.

Despite having no information about an event, claircognizant people can feel that they know a piece of information that they have yet to be presented with and are consistently proven correct by the outcome of the situation.

Signs you are Claircognizant

  • You tend to use phrases such as, β€˜I know…’, β€˜I don’t how, but I just know somehow’.
  • Intuition and β€˜gut-feeling’ are heightened.  Get regular flashes of insights and inspiration.  People that have natural claircognitive abilities are logical, enjoy thinking things out (truuue XD), and frequently get ideas that suddenly pop into their heads.
  • Experience feelings of deja-vu.  Like you’ve been here before.  Or had a dream about this.
  • There are some skills you pick up very quickly without little training or practise.  Like you’ve done this before.
  • Your mind is full of ideas and possibilities.  You have lots of sudden ideas that you can’t wait to share.  You’ve experienced fast downloads of thoughts, and spend your time thinking a lot.
  • You feel as though your mind works differently to other people’s.  Most of the time – you get a sudden stroke of insight and then a persistent low beat.  You can also get external confirmation.
  • Answers and solutions come easily to you, even without prior knowledge of the situation or subject-matter. (Source)

“I know.” might be the motto of my life XD. I used to get really upset and angry when people kept telling or trying to teach me shit I already knew. Like stop the fuck talking already, I know how this works and if I don’t know something I’ll ask, for fuck’s sake XD. Or when I work with other people and they’re being fucking stupid about something that’s fucking obvious or doesn’t even matter, I can’t stand it XD

Which reminds me of some people who work with me in a cafe these days. They act like the job they’re doing is who they are, completely identified with it. Come on, when you work in the food industry, you don’t need fucking exact measurements! I think it’s a really Western thing, like needing fucking exact measurements for everything. Have you ever seen someone selling streetfood in Asia using a fucking scale to put their stuff together?! I don’t think so! So, when they sell ice cream out of a machine it should be 180 g or something, says my colleague, but no one fucking cares, okay?! You think people gonna take the ice cream and put it on a fucking scale or what?! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the stupidity on this planet is just fucking… I don’t even know a word that’s sufficient enough to describe my contempt for it XD

So, and then we have the shark in the background as well. Here’s what the shark spirit symbolizes:

“The shark spirit animal is a peaceable predator. If you want to know the meaning of the shark symbolism, it is to be strong and aggressive when it comes to opportunities and challenges.

At the same time, forge lasting friendships and work hard to keep the peace. This is because it’s possible to be sharp without alienating yourself from your loved ones.

Unlike the dog spirit animal, the most common shark symbolism is power. The shark spirit animal exudes power, superiority, and authority in its natural environment.

This indicates the need for you to fight for what you want. Do not back down, and be steely in your resolve to show everyone who is in charge.

Just like your shark totem, you have a ruthlessness in you. Fortunately, you also have the patience and self-restraint.” (Source)

Funny, the shark has actually come up frequently in my life these, like the other day I was doing a crossword puzzle at my grandma’s and the German word for shark (Hai) popped up as well.

Anyway, “it’s possible to be sharp without alienating yourself from your loved ones”. Huge one. There is a difference between being ego-aggressive and spiritual-aggressive. I feel like like I’m pretty aggressive and determined these days, but it doesn’t feel like the ego-aggressiveness I’ve experienced before. Like when I now tell people to shut the fuck up XD or make a point, there is no ego behind it, so people suprisingly don’t get aggressive or angry like they used to. Also, when you rise above yourself (ascend), your aura changes in a way that makes people respect (and maybe be a little bit scared of XD) you more, so they’ll start acting more carefully around you XD. Isn’t that niiiiice? XD

“You have a ruthlessness in you”. Yeah, I think if you’ve read some of my other posts or even just this post, you might have noticed that I’m pretty ruthless XD. Honestly, I’d have no problem shooting every fucking stupid person on this planet who’s unwilling to wake the fuck up.

Man, I also wanted to translate and explain the lyrics in this post, but it’s already hella long (hmm, actually not THAT long) and I feel like I wanna do something else for now XD, so I’m gonna stop here. Maybe I’ll do the lyrics later or just pieces of them whenever I feel like it.

Okay, bye! XD

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