4 (Death)

“If a being is enlightened, how can he die? He never dies, because he is already dead. You die because you cling to life. An enlightened being never dies, because he does not cling to life. He has voluntarily given it up; he is already dead.” – Osho

Hmm, I know I said I would translate my previous two posts today, but right now I’m too lazy XD. Maybe I’ll do that some other time, whenever I feel like it ✌️😂. For now, the important thing is that HE understands it (he’s Japanese) 😂. Although I’m not even sure who I’m talking to anymore 😂. I’m aware of this:

Aurora Angel Card Extended Description - Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

So he might just be so scared that he’ll run away (although I think with all the signs the Universe has been sending that’s very unlikely) ✌️😂. Maaan, come on people! Just jump over your fucking shadows! 😂

Enlightened love is different from egoic love. It’s like, well, yeah, some romance would be nice 😂, but I don’t really need it or another person to be happy and fulfilled, so I don’t really cling to the outcome or to that specific person. It’s more like okay, I’m just gonna play around a little bit and see where it goes 😂. If he gets over himself and stops being so scared, nice, we can go ahead and conquer the world together, if not, well, then I’m sure consciousness will send me some other soulmate ✌️😂.

Woohooo~ It feels so fucking good to be free! XD No fear of being rejected! No fear of being hurt! XD I’m just like if you can’t handle me, then that’s just how it is and you’re free to leave. I’ve never felt sorry for this and I refuse to XD. Not gonna act like someone who I’m not just so you’re not scared of me. If you’re scared that’s your own fucking problem, okay? XD

Okay, so I think I’ve talked about this a little bit in one of my previous posts. This year is universal (and also my personal) year 4. The next home I’ll be moving to in September this year (which “coincidentally” is my personal month 4 as well!) will be house number 4! And you know what’s right next to my apartment in the same building? A funeral home! And as I said in the post mentioned above, 4 is associated with death in East Asian cultures (死). And my grandma’s been talking about death a lot these days, making preparations, because she feels like it’s her time to go soon. Today she also told me that her cousin passed away and asked me to help her with some paper work. #synchronicities for real.

2020 is the year of death. In a good way. I feel like a lot of useless shit that needs to disappear will (and has already started to) die out in 2020 and after that, the world will be completely different, like it has never been before. The pandemic is helping with this 😉

I get the sense that something associated with death will happen when I move to the new home. Maybe my grandma will die and I will have to consult the funeral home. Maybe I’ll end up working at the funeral home. Maybe I’ll finally die! XD (Yeah… probably not XD) Who knows? It must be interesting. Death is interesting. In the West it is completely demonized and hidden away. People are forced to live, even if it doesn’t make any fucking sense anymore. Just let them fucking go if it’s time, okay?! Y’all need to fucking understand that death is as much a part of life as life, there is nothing about it to be afraid of. In some cultures you see people dying every day, it’s just fucking normal, okay? Get the fuck over it and allow people to decide themselves when they want to go.

To be honest, I really look forward to the death of my physical body. Then I can finally go home and leave all this shit on this planet behind 😂. I’m gonna throw a fucking partyyy 😂, because this is really the only thing that’s worth celebrating for me 😂.

Now the quote from the beginning of this post again:

“If a being is enlightened, how can he die? He never dies, because he is already dead. You die because you cling to life. An enlightened being never dies, because he does not cling to life. He has voluntarily given up; he is already dead.” – Osho

Well, I don’t know if I have voluntarily given up XD. I was more pushed into it, like it was supposed to happen, it was my soul’s plan from the beginning. I don’t really feel like I exist anymore (that’s why I don’t care about shit even at the risk of my physical life that I don’t want anyway XD). I don’t know if this is so desirable, either. Because being enlightened in a world where most people are still fucking stupid (unconscious) and obsessed with the material world is a fucking pain in the ass, you know? As I said and always say, I don’t care about physical existence, like, at all. It’s fucking annoying 😂. Taking care of basic shit like eating, moving, defecating and what not. What for? Why? Why play this stupid game for no reason? 😂 It’s just like playing games in real life, you just play them for entertainment, they don’t have no fucking meaning. Life is just the same, so do whatever the fuck you want 😂. #letmegooooo 😂 (I’m not even interested in games in “real life”, so why should I care about this game of a running joke called life? 😂)

#sarcasm #humor

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