Boooooring XD

Why is everyone so fucking boring? XD でも前から私のブログを見てくれて感動です ❤ (笑) それも私の事に興味がある意味でしょう ❤ (笑) Gosh, I’m just so outta control right now XDDD. まあこれはヒントだけでもなく、直接的にあなたに興味があると言うんですよ (笑) 受け入れてくれますか?と聞きますし (笑) まあ永遠にこうして独り言をして、いつかあなたや他の人に会えるまで待たないといけなくても関係ないですけど(笑)

I’m really touched by all the people who really do read these posts until the end ❤. Thank you so much! 😀

Buuuuut everyone is so fucking boring! I remember! It’s been a long time since I was bored, but it’s coming back! XD People just have nothing interesting to say! So I usually get bored with them really quickly! XD So I always needa be meeting new souls! Actually I was wondering what if I would meet a male person who is EXACTLY like me?! That would be fucking… I don’t know, like then this world will be turned upside down even faster than it’s now XD From what he’s talked so far, the guy is not that interesting, either XD What he says is just not very interesting, but something keeps pulling me towards him XD. Well, we do have a lot of things in common though, like certain values like the need for freedom and stuff.

And I remember back then, it was the same with my ex, who was also overly scientific and material. You know what he believed? Jealousy is just something caused in the brain, if you take medication it will go away and you will be happy all the time… HELLO? HOW FUCKING STUPID IS THAT?! XD Naw bruh, if I my intuition tells me something’s fishy, then there is a reason for that and there was XD

It came to my mind that maybe I’m not supposed so meet the perfect guy (the ideal in my head, so basically just me in male form XDDD) after all?! Maybe I’m supposed to meet all those passive closed up people to help them open up and experience new things and at the same time develop my own skills?! You know, by gaining experience in sharing wisdom and teaching and stuff?! This came to my mind again today.

You know, he also said that he doesn’t like bragging. I mean, come on, I love it! XD But nevertheless he also sings his own praises sometimes as a joke he said? Also, sometimes I can feel that he does a little bit of bragging at times, I suppose he’s not really aware of it and also doesn’t really want to accept that part of himself XD. You see, the egoic patterns you don’t like in others, most of the time, are also in yourself 😌. Weeeeell, me, I own it! I like to brag and I do it as much as I want, because why not? XD If someone doesn’t agree, that’s fine too! XD You’re free to do whatever you want! XD

Man, I’m fucking tired, but also wanna do something, say something, write something, everything I think I wanna put out there XD. Some of it might be gold, as Sheldon Cooper said XDDD. And since everyone else is so fucking boring, I needa talk to myself like this XD. People, don’t you wanna say or express anything to me after reading these posts?! Like are you crazy? Or what’s going on in your mind? Or just lmao or LOL? Anything?! Share your thoughts and feelings or stories, please?! XD

#sarcasm #humor #psychology

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