あなたの話は別に面白いとは思わないですが(笑)(可愛かったりはしますけど(笑))それでも好きです ❤️(笑)

I think today I’ll just spend the whole day surfing the Internet and writing down everything I want XD. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent so much time at home just surfing the Internet. But the cards have been telling me to take time-out for quite a while now. Now that I’m also on vacation from the cafe I work at, I think I should do what the Universe tells me XD. Cuz when the Universe tells you to do something, YOU FUCKING DO IT, okay?! XD So today will just be eating, Internet and writing XD Wooo~! XD

You know, I used to be a very orderly person regarding my surroundings. But now that I’ve fully embraced the part of me that isn’t concerned with the material world at all, my place is a mess XDDD.

Shit, I have an appointment tomorrow at 2 pm XD. Hope I’m able to get up early enough XDDD.

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