Also, I forgot XD

This is something I wanted to talk about as well! Since I’m highly intuitive and imaginative, I like to make stuff up in my head! I mean, I don’t make it up, it is made up, it just comes to me. So I imagine scenarios and conversations (a lot of people do, I guess), but then in real life they are rarely as great as I imagined them XDDD.

Like with all that romance and shit, I imagine it to be super exciting to finally meet that person, like even if I meet them for the first time, what I want to do is to give them a big hug like we’ve known each other for a long time! (Which is actually the case!)

I remember back then, with my ex, it was a long-distance thing most of the time, so every time before meeting him I’d imagine how super happy and excited we both would be, but uhhh… yeah, in reality it was not THAT great XDDD. It depends on the person, I guess. I mean, I’m sure if I’m all like, Omg, omg! Come here! I’m so happy! XD, the other person should be carried away by my spirit as well, but some, if not most people, are still embarrassed to act like this in public, I guess XD. And I guess, the guy is also such a person who will try to remain calm and not get overly excited in public. I hate that! XD When I’m all enthusiastic and ambitious about something and then fucking people try to drag you down with their limiting beliefs and shit!

So, what I wanted to say is that most of the time, the world in my head is much more exciting and cooler than the “real world” out there XD. Maybe with him, it will be the same and at some point I will experience 현타 again XD, when reality hits me XD, we’ll see. But this time my spirit is so beyond all limits that I intend to just carry people away with it or run them over if they try to drag me down XDDD. Y’all shall see! XD

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  1. I always ran at least a hundred conversation scenarios before any Tinder date and we would always end up talking about university courses and muffin flavours, so, yeah. This world does not deserve our depth.

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    1. I probably wouldn’t even have met them if I knew it would be like that (before I meet someone I first have conversations with them online, can take over a year until I decide to meet them) XD. But then again, I don’t use Tinder or stuff like that in the first place 🤣. But thank you! Love the comment and wish you’ll meet or have met someone who’s deep as well 😂👍

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