Too Scared of Your Own Shadow | Oh My God

Too scared of your own shadow

두눈을 가린 채로
With both eyes covered

내 그림자 속에 넌 갇힐 걸
You will be trapped inside my shadow

Also YouTube just recommended this song to me and I love it, love how the video’s made!!! #synchronicities (I can’t with the accents tho 🤣. Also, as I am writing this it’s 11:11 am ;))

Here are some lines that I find EPIC!!! 🔥🔥🔥

I know that you’re only playin’
(More than him, I think I’m the one who’s just playin’ here XD)

I hate it so much I love it
(I dooooo 😂)

What would be the repercussions if I let you inside me?
(We can take this metaphorically or literally. I’d like to take it literally right now now, ’cause… I wanna. XDDDDD Man, I’m having so much fun! XDDD Well, one repercussion could be that I get pregnant… I surely don’t want that! XDDD But with condoms it does not feel as good! But I’m surely not taking any meds or hormones (maybe except the morning-after pill if it already happened XD)! #gottabenaturallyhealthy XD)

I don’t care that I’m addicted
(Yeah, that’s the last thing I care about these days XD, literally anything XD)

You’re detrimental to my health but I ain’t never leavin’
(You’re detrimental to my health! XD I love this line, it’s so BRILLIANT!)

#art #lyrics #beauty #beautiful #radicalhonesty XD #nolimits #radicalopenmindedness #consciousness #awareness #wisdom #knowledge #K-pop

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