I’mma kill you all! XD | Let’s Talk About God (Here you go, Doctor)

With my love! XD

Today I saw this at the スーパーマーケット (supermarket XD Hooo~ Japanese sounds so cool! XD):

Do you know what that means? Killing mindfully! XD The description sounds pretty intriguing too! But it’s in German and I’m too lazy to translate it for you right now (and at least 50 % of all the people here probably don’t care anyway, if they read this at all XD. Yes, I’m still mad at you! XD)

You know, Leo from actualized.org once said something along the lines of “If you want to beat evil, you don’t fight evil, but you love evil to death”. Truuuuue! First of all, “evil”, good, bad, all that shit actually doesn’t really exist from an absolute perspective. There is only one consciousness = love = the Universe = God or whatever you wanna call it. Personally, I don’t like to use the word “God”, because most people have no fucking idea what that is and how to use it correctly. Which reminds me that I wanted to respond to this post regarding this topic. Okay, let’s just get this over with XD.

Y’all think God is separate from you, huh? That’s duality thinking. God = consciousness = everything & nothing. You have to understand that there is no separate entity from you that you call “God”. It’s not “him” and you are someone else. You are as much it as I am and everything and everyone else, it’s all the same consciousness that experiences the same shit in different bodies, that experiences itself, okay? People tell you the world doesn’t revolve around you, but guess what, it does. You are as much the center of your own world as everyone else is of theirs, you create your own world, consciousness (God) creates itself.

If God is inherently good and loves everyone, why would God let bad things happen, you ask? Because it’s a game. A game of ego. What’s the fucking purpose of your life? To live, to evolve, to awaken to the Truth, which is what I’m talking about here and almost all the time. Consciousness plays this fucking game, created the ego which you people can identify with, think in terms of duality and make your own lives fucking miserable. Once you realize that “you” (= consciousness = God) are separate from all that shit, you’re free and you realize you are it. God doesn’t hate anyone. If something happens to you, yes, it happens for a reason.

Think about it, how fun would it be to live if everything was all smooth and airy-fairy from the beginning? You wouldn’t even know why you’re here and what you’re supposed to do and not even question your fucking existence. If nothing bad ever happened to you or anyone, everything would just be… fucking boring, okay? And all that shit that happens happens because most people are still too fucking stupid (unconscious) to separate themselves from their ego, thoughts, feelings, etc., too afraid of death, too trapped in the materialistic way of thinking. But what can I do? (Actually a lot XD) As long as you don’t experience this shit for yourself, you probably won’t know/understand/feel what I’m talking about. Well, you may be able to feel the presence, the energy as it is transmitted to you by people (or other “things”) that vibrate on higher energy levels (you may be aware of it or not so much), ideally you should just awaken and stay in that state forever, no matter what happens around you.

Don’t try to seek for “tangible” explanations, you will never find one. Consciousness is not tangible. It can give you tangible signs though. Don’t try to fucking rationlize everything, that will never work. God’s language is intuition. What you’re doing is just suppressing it with your rationality. I must say, you emit a very dense and low-frequency energy, Doctor, it’s very unpleasant XD.

Any questions? Let me know.

(This post, again, went sooo not as planned XD)

PS: Religions and all that shit are just concepts. Everything that is something, that is material form, that is tangible, is just that. Concepts people identify with, make an ideology out of it, make rules, make doctrines, use them as ways to enhance their egos. Originally, all those teachings may be pointing to the Truth, but people misunderstand and interpret them in an egoic way, which is why religions have become so obscured and misunderstood, they are just as useless and fucking stupid as politics. It’s all the fucking same stupidity.

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