As your vibration rises, forces will come to work against you πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

“They are afraid of your power. Your spiritual awakening scares the sleepers.”

Hmm, at some point, I really needa get a digital drawing tablet XD.

Hey, TheTravellothoner, are you fucking illiterate? Do you fucking remember what I said in this post? DO YOU? Ironically, you were the first idiot who liked that post, I can’t even. And Leah, I don’t know what’s with you, either. Fucking tell me why you’re being so childish doing the exact opposite of what you’re being told! XD Or they just really don’t read it and I’m talking to fucking stupid walls XD. Either way, it doesn’t matter lol. I’ll just keep insulting you until you fucking wake up πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ XD.

So, yesterday I had a conversation? XD with Doctor again (post is here), which went like this:

Me: Yes, God is the Universal Truth and those who really are aware of it won’t say β€œEach to their own” at the same time. If a person tells you that everyone has their own definition of God, then that person doesn’t really know what God is.
Doctor: You don’t really get to have attention on your another (you mean other XD) comment until you have clarified your previous one.
See ya!
Me: I must say, you’re pretty… closed up lol. How about being a bit lighter? XD
Doctor: You mean stupid. No thanks. If I start being stupid and start acting like someone with your IQ, what will I do with the remaining 100?
Me: Well, you’re being stupid now, you don’t have to start. Being all rational and trying to explain everything with hard tangible evidence won’t get you very far. But ya do what ya want. Can’t argue with stupid people.
Doctor: Right. That’s why… See ya!
Me (after a while): Actually I was not talking about your IQ, but meant closed up emotionally. You may have a high IQ, but that was not what I was talking about here. There is something called SQ, you may want to take a look at that, maybe even just EQ would help in your case lol.

Then someone else commented:

“You sit and hear a lot of things, receive some because it’s a good edge for you to post another thing for believers to look down on themselves.
Then to those ones that you don’t have any point to argue against it, you keep it to yourself.”

My response to that:

“β€œThen to those ones that you don’t have any point to argue against it, you keep it to yourself.”

This is where he gets stuck XD”

You see, he’s a perfect example of someone who’s stuck in rationality. For a second, I almost got sucked into it again XD. But to have some fun and get down on your level aaand because I like bragging XD:
My IQ was 133 when I was 9 years old XD, so there you go XD.

He acts like what you would call a condescending jerk XD (no offense, I know I may sound arrogant and condescending myself XD, but at least what I say isn’t stupid (unconscious) XDDD) who thinks science and logic are the only way to get to the Truth. But as you can see, he gets stuck there. You tell him something that’s not based on logic or science and boom, he doesn’t know what to say and just completely ignores you.

Reminds me of a lot of guys, including my sweetheart ❀️ XD (who I think is in the process of opening up a little XD), who are just afraid to really look at themselves. What they are doing is just shutting down as soon as someone threatens their… illusory image of themselves. You tell them to take a look at their emotions or feelings, you say something about it, they will just shrink back like little pussies.

Wow, that’s exactly what the guy has been doing as well XD. Whenever I brought up more personal stuff it was just completely ignored XD.

Also, like: “I’m not very interested in that kinda topics.” Yeah… sure. You’re not interested in sex? I don’t fucking think so! XD If you weren’t interested, you just wouldn’t fucking talk to girls trying to keep a boring conversation going, no? Just be fucking honest with yourselves for once, Jesus Christ.

Then I directly asked him why he does that and his response was that he didn’t notice or he just forgot to answer the question. Oh sure, to every other meaningless question you respond and never forget it, but only those questions you forget? Suuuuure! Keep telling yourself that and you’ll be fucking stuck in your fear of yourself for fucking ever, okay? XD

If you want to get to the Truth, LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING SELVES, okay? Don’t be fucking pussies running away from yourselves.

This, again, went not as planned. Also there is this song is stuck in my head since yesterday and I just realized it’s related to what I’ve talked about in this post too, so the next post will be a continuation of this one. Stay tuned.

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