It’s about him!!!

수 없이 변해온 나의 모습 중

너를 위한 단 하나의 나의 모습 가려있던 camouflage
あなたのための一つだけの隠していた camouflage

진지하게 와줘 yeah 와줘
真摯に来てくれて yeah 来てくれ

널 닮아가는 색에

점차 옅어질 내 camouflage
いよいよ薄くなる私の camouflage

That’s why I’m becoming so red these days!!! XD Because I’m becoming like him more and more! XD #aura

I mean, it feels like we’ve always been the same… You know what I mean? That must be what the soulmate relationship cards must have been talking about! He’s my soulmate! XD Come ooon! I know you also like to swear a lot and have a wild nature! XD I can feel it! XD 来てくれてよぉ~~~!😭😭😭😂(笑)Man, if I were him, I’d immediately run all over the globe to myself XDDD

You know, I change a lot, but one thing that hardly ever changes is my love, okay?! XD I could sleep with a lot of people, but I don’t fucking want to, okay?! XD I’ve always wanted only one person at a time and right now, that’s him! XD So that’s what the lyrics mean!

I’ll do the English translation later! I hope! XD

#universal_intelligence #universal_knowledge #stories #storytime #romance XD #red #passion #black #creativity #creative #creator #creation #flow #synchronicities #honesty #integrity #aesthetics #psychic

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