Aggressive Enlightened Idealist

早くあなたと寝たいです ❤️ だから初めて実際に会った時も、すぐに家へOK?😼❤️🔥🔥🔥

Hey, Tetiana Aleksina (unbolt me), are you also one of those shitheads who like my posts without even reading them? If so, you better stop or tell me what’s going on, otherwise I’m gonna fucking beat the shit out of you, okay?

Also, I sent that Leah chick an e-mail with a 10 minute mail address. I hope she’ll fucking stay away now, ’cause I’m tired of looking at her stupid face, for fuck’s sake.

I don’t fucking get it. Why do people who already have thousands of followers still feel the need to walk around like that and like random people’s posts without reading them? Oh that’s right, because they’ve become fucking irrelevant and most of their followers don’t give a fuck about them. If they are real people at all. How nice.

I hate those superficial trash cans of human beings.

Today I visited my grandma again and she wanted to watch fucking TV. Ugh. I felt a little bit sorry for her, so I stayed and watched it with her for a while. Boy… How can someone fucking stand watching the news anymore? The vibration and energy that’s conveyed through mainstream TV is just fucking unbearable. For real, I felt like I was just bombarded with a bunch of… I don’t even know what to call it, just… shit. Fucking useless bullshit. It felt like I was developing cancer watching TV right on the spot. Ugh. Like talking about meaningless shit in such a fucking serious voice, it just made me wanna throw up, okay? Life is not fucking serious. Talking about the weather as if your life depends on it. Talking about how you won a silver medal decades ago and how nice it would’ve been if you had won a gold medal, but you still were happy anyway. Hello? Wtf? I just… Fucking irrelevant shit with such a serious voice, wtf?

News needa fucking disappear, okay? If you watch the news you’re fucking stupid. Stop watching the news, for fuck’s sake! Just get rid of your fucking TV as well. Who the fuck needs a TV anyway these days?! How fucking unconscious does someone have to still be possessing a fucking TV?!

Boy, and you wonder why someone would want to commit suicide. Everything is better than being surrounded by stupid human beings 😂.

I changed my domain and usernames and shit today. It’s now Aggressive Enlightened Idealist for Suits my current state perfectly. If you wanna know how this came about, check out my previous post. Congratulations if you made it this far at all 😂.

Also, I made this page today. It’s supposed to be like a platform for y’all where you can talk to me and each other whenever you’re bored or have some deep thoughts you wanna share. Some conversations can get real fun and interesting and I think it’d be great if it all could be shared with the world, because sometimes I have so hilarious and/or deep conversations with someone, I wanna share them with the whole world, but if it’s a private chat or something, then that’s not possible in that moment. Of course I can upload them later here, but still 😂. So if you’re bored or wanna share an interesting thought or just need someone to talk to, visit this page and leave a comment! I’m here for y’aaaaaaall! 😃😃😃😂

#psychology #universe #universal intelligence #universal knowledge #psychic #art #artist #books #creator #creation #creativity #oneness #honesty #integrity #sarcasm #humor #novel #philosophy

8 thoughts

    1. I should be a what? *googles* XD
      I’ve noticed this before, but you real poeticists always use so many fancy words I don’t know XD I like to keep it simple 😂👍
      Thank you for appreciating my new name! 😂 I like it too! 😂
      Hmm… placid means not easily upset or excited / calm… Do I seem calm?! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No no, I was talking about me! I said I should be a Placid Prolix Poeticist. I was using your format. I just think you’re funny, is all. Whenever I come around, I have a blast. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh, “I”! Sorry, my bad! 😂
        Well, that’s great to hear! 😂
        Prolix means using and containing to many words? Is that the case with you? 😂
        Btw, what’s your reason for not following my blog? I remember you followed one of my other blogs in the past 😂 But then I never heard from you again lol. Well, maybe people just follow so many other people, they don’t even know anymore 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, following is a commitment, I find. I bookmark blogs that I like but I like to keep my reader just with artists that I NEED to get notified about, since they post once in a blue moon, and I’m fearful they get swallowed in the tide. Everyone else, I either read in tags I follow (I always find you in Psychology or Spirituality), or I bookmark.
        I’m not sure if I followed you in the past, been doing this for quite a bit, and I went on many periods of total inactivity. Maybe that was it.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Why is everyone so scared of commitments?! 😂 People take that whole follow thing way too seriously 😂. I don’t really care if someone follows, but doesn’t read. What bothers me is when someone likes, but doesn’t follow 😂.
        I don’t know if you read that post, but I mentioned that what if I don’t use those specific tags you follow?! Have you thought about that?! XD
        Can you actually bookmark on WP or you mean in your browser?


      5. Well, I promise that everything I’ve liked of yours, I’ve read! As tends to be the case.
        I meant in my browser! It’s just some people post so much, right? It gets to be a lot, and then your reader is just post after post after post, and you start hating the creator haha.
        You can’t bookmark on WP, but you can like and save the post that way, though I don’t do that, it gets messy between things you actually like and things you save, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. LOL if the content of the creator is good, I don’t care 😂 But I don’t really look at the reader a lot anyway these days, so no problem here too 😂
        I know, right? I really hate this about WP, they should just implement a bookmark option as well, I really don’t know why they haven’t thought of that yet, it’s time! Even Instagram has already implemented that, so yeah, really lagging behind! 😂 I think I’ll send them an e-mail or something with this suggestion! 😂


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