Have to Be His Guiding Light (Future Song?! XD)

The shadow continuously yearning for light is now dancing in the dark




He’s the shadow, I’m the light.
He’s supposed to follow me, until he wakes up.
He’s now dancing in the dark,
Because he doesn’t understand yet.

Today I woke up with this line and melody in my head, so I recorded it:

You know, this has happened to me several times before, where I woke up with a melody and lyrics in my head. Then I looked them up online, but those songs didn’t actually exist 😂. Welp, turns out it’s all something I’m supposed to create!!! #psychic_abilities! I’mma be a fucking producer as well! 😂

I used to sing a lot in school and also attended the school choir! 😂 To me, my voice always sounds loud enough (of course 😂), but apparently, I speak relatively quietly, so people sometimes tell me they can’t hear me 😂

Buuut! A while ago, someone told me I have a voice that sounds like it could reach a wide range of octaves! And also that it sounds wise 😂😂😂 But ya know, I never thought so (the thing with the range I mean), because I really hate (and I think can’t 😂) singing high pitches, it’s just… nah. You know, like a lot of those Asian chicks who sound overly girly and cute and shit? I hate that 😂, so I thought I don’t have such a wide range, but hey, I think I can go like real deeeeeeep and sound like a dude! 😂😂😂

Sooo! I needa do a lot of shit! You know, I’ve always wanted to attend dance classes (like hip hop and stuff) as well! 😂 Gotta move somewhere where all this stuff is in my vicinity! 😂 Maybe it’ll be his city 😼😼😼

Oooh then I can also do TAIKO! 😂😂😂

They and what they do are/is (? 😂) so fucking hot and POWERFUL, I can’t! 😂 Especially the second one from the left 🔥🔥🔥 My type! 😼😼😼 Does look a little bit like him actually 😂 Oh God, he’s so hot, I could just keep staring at him all day long🔥😂 But that’s just like looking at art, my heart belongs to him ❤️💖😂

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