What’s up with Portugal?

Why do I have to waste my time with eating?! 👿😂 Also, I wonder if I’ll ever be able to clean my fucking room 😂 This shit is just so irrelevant 😂

I once asked him which European country his favorite is (is his favorite? 😂 Nah, that doesn’t sound right 😂 But you get the point 😂) and he said Portugal.

Portugal is a country that I’ve never had on my radar. You know, like one of those things that you’ve heard of, know that they exist, but don’t pay much attention to. But now that I think of it, it has popped up in my life quite a lot, especially recently 😂

I think for the first time, it was when I was teaching languages online and then someone from Portugal booked a lesson. Portugal? How uncommon, I thought! 😂

And then, a little more than half a year ago, when my dark night of the soul (魂の暗い夜) started, I discovered that one lady on YouTube whose videos gave me a little bit of guidance at that time (now she doesn’t match my vibration anymore tho 😂) and guess what, she also lives in Portugal!

So then, a while ago on a penpal website (which reminds me, I have to update shit there too, ugh. Why can’t this stuff just take care of itself?! 😂), I met a girl whose profile picture had something written in Portugese in it, I found it pretty, so I asked her what it meant. She said it means “Someday the world will be too small for me” in Portugese! 😂 And also she’s originally from there and her name is Maria, too! 😂 I also have one more friend with the same name 😂 and then I was also talking to another guy who said that everyone whose name is Maria is always great and beautiful XDDDD I think he’s not wrong! At least myself and all the other Marias I know have a great spirit! 😂 Oh which reminds me that she also said that almost everyone in Portugal is named Maria or has Maria in their name, even the guys! 😂

Which also reminds me of my new friend and fellow blogger 😂, the Placid Prolix Poeticist (PPP, how brilliant! 😂), the first person who’s ever commented on this blog, greetings to you! 🙋‍♀️ (depending on your device and browser the hair of this lady may look blonde, but I have brown hair, okay?! 😂). He’s from Portugal as well! And he also has Maria in his name! 😂😂😂 Conscisousness, you are killing me! 😂 How brilliant you are! 😂 #synchronicities

By da way, PPP, don’t ya think it’s time to follow this blog now? 😏 Like, come on! 😂

So, Universe, what are you trying to tell me? Are you trying to tell me that we will be spending our honeymoon in Portugal?! 💕😂 Gosh 😂 Look at me talking about marriage! 😂 ME talking about MARRIAGE 😂 Un-fucking-believable 😂 But yeah, even the cards have been pointing in that direction 😂

(Oooh, the editor looks newer, fancier and cleaner right now, I like it 😂 Maybe that’s why it’s been so buggy, ’cause they were updating it?! 😂)

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