Energy Follows Attention

I just talked to WP support and gave them some suggestions lol. Bookmark option, option to turn likes and follows off and to block people on WP XD. If I don’t complain, who does?! XD

Do I want to deal with stupid people? Actually no. Do I want to be friendly? Fucking no. Actually I don’t want to fucking keep trying to change stupid people’s minds, okay? What I really wanna do is just beat consciousness into them with one single punch and done. And if this doesn’t work I just wanna get rid of them (yes, I mean just shoot them). Actually that’s not true, either. What I really want is that everyone fucking knows and understands without me saying a fucking word.

Before my shift in consciousness stupid people just annoyed the fuck out of me so much that I was just carrying around aggression and anger all the time. ‘Cause I didn’t understand how someone could not be intuitive and introspective. Some people don’t even know the most obvious shit, like wtf? It was just a pain in the ass to even listen to their stupid questions, let alone answer them.

Oh, that reminds me of one example with him 😂. Since he was asking about the weather all the time (I mean, come on, please… 😂 not with me… 😂), one day I just said, “Can’t you just google that?”, I didn’t even mean or say it in a condescending way like before 😂, but later I found out that he took it very personally and apparently it hurt him 😂. Excuse me, boy, but come on… 😂

I’m so fucking idealistic, I’ll just attack you if I can see stupidity in your face, okay? If your face looks dumb, I’m like, please… Fuck off. It’s just as it is. I can’t stand dumb looking shit, okay? I just realized that I don’t even wanna ignore it like before, I just wanna attack it and transform it and make it beautiful 😂. So I feel the urge to fucking insult every single fake follower and fake liker, but some of them I can’t contact. Or just tell them that they have fucking ugly profile pictures lol.

I don’t know, on the one hand I don’t wanna deal with this shit. On the other hand I wanna aggressively attack all of them 😂. Yeah, I think that’s what I’m supposed to do, hence consciousness came up with this name. Fucking pain in the ass.

So I guess I’ll just keep using all the fucking mainstream tags that attract those dumb people, because consciousness wants me to do so. I really don’t know why I’m doing this tho 😂. I hate this shit 😂

No, actually, I know. I’m supposed to lift the lower energies up, that’s why. Ugh. Still hate it tho 😂

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