No Tree

can grow to heaven

witout its roots

reaching to hell.

7 thoughts

  1. This hit me. I’m not sure what to think about it, and that is maybe a good thing. Also find myself thinking: What about the other way around, swapping ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’? Thank you for sharing and making me ponder.

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    1. No, thank YOU for actually reading and thinking!!! 😉
      So you mean like “No tree can grow to hell without the roots reaching to heaven”? 🤣

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      1. Yes, just a strange thought, thinking aloud. :-). I get that out of shit can grow a big and beautiful plant. But what if you have no problems, will you grow up to be an ‘hellish person’ to be around?

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      2. Truuuuuue! We have the ability to turn shit into beautiful things!
        I can write you a whole essay about that! XD First of all, in space there is no up and down, so it doesn’t matter XD. Well, if you yourself think you got no problems and also don’t really act in a dramatic way, then why would you become a hellish person to be around? Also, what’s hellish can be very subjective as well lol. How you grow up and what you become changes all the time, so… It depends I guess XD

        I like your blog! Your style and your depth! Short, but on point and clean! Just the way I like it! XD

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