Wake Time (song that came to me in a dream)

I just had a dream again with a song. Fuck, I need to start learning how to make music and shit. It’s like I was watching a music video in my head.

Story: I was in my room upper body naked and not paying attention that the window was open and someone could see me. As soon as noticed I squatted down and saw that indeed someone was watching me, that person stepped aside to the next window and went through the wall, it was a Korean woman wearing white clothes and she flew over through the window and started singing that song, it was like in a rocky desert under a blue/violet/purple night sky with thunder and lightning.

The lyrics of the refrain were like this:

Wake Time
… freedom
좋아 schwimm mit Delfinen (nice, swim with dolphins)
… Wake Time

Contact me if you’re willing to collaborate! 😂

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