I don’t even know anymore XD

Okay, so today I’ve been getting signs to contact my ex boyfriend again?! XDDD I can’t, what are you planning to do, consciousness? XD Well, it is true that on a soul level, he seems closer to me than the Japanese dude, but still XD

So, what happened today was that I was listening to some music and his name popped up in one of the vids (it’s a relatively common name). And from there it just kept going XD Since then YouTube has been recommending all these songs about “Give me one more chance” and shit XDDD. HWHAAAT?! So I waited and waited to see if signs would keep popping up and they did, so I just sent him a message lol.

Boy, when will I be able to settle down and take some rest?! XD Do I even want to settle down? XD I don’t know anything and that’s the fun part about it XD Or as Penny from The Big Bang Theory said: Not knowing is part of the fun XD

#life #love #romance

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