Moving at the Speed of Light | Lion’s Gate

あなたが私のブログを見ない、反応しないほど、私は興味がなくなるのは知ってますか?私は誰かが好きでも、その人はずっと反応がないなら、ずっとついて行きません。もしあなたが恐怖を選ぶなら、私には他の人が来ますよ。ソウルメイトとは、数人がいる事ができますから。まあ今私じゃないなら、あなたにも他の人が来るかもしれませんよ。でもその人は、私ほど素晴らしい人になるか疑問ですね 😏😈(笑)




The closer you move to the speed of light, the slower time passes by for you. When you move at the speed of light, time stands still. This explains why my time always moves more slowly than anywhere else. When I’m on my phone, the clock on my phone is always lagging behind other clocks. When I’m on my PC not using my phone for a while, suddenly the clock on my PC runs more slowly then the clock on my phone. Why? Because I’m moving faster than before. Because my vibration is higher. This shit is real, okay?

Today’s is the day the Lion’s Gate opens. Very well. I mean, I already have enough of this fucking energy, I don’t need more, but some of you fucking people out there might need some more light for sure. Be ready.

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