Seriously, I just wanna leave everything behind

Honestly, I don’t really care where I am these days. When I moved into my new place, I thought for a while that I wanna go back to my old place, but I’m realizing, it’s not really that, it’s just that once again, I have to do all this fucking annoying “system shit”, registering “my” new address, choose a new electricity provider (what the fuck for? There is already electricity here, why do I need to fucking choose a new provider, huh?! WHY?!), etc. etc… So basically all that shit that I find fucking unnecessary. And if there’s one thing I hate it’s doing shit that I find stupid.

That’s why I dropped out of university and hated school, there are too many fucking stupid rules and restrictions. Like professors getting upset if you don’t use the right form of address to address them. So, you think you’re awesome just because you have a title, like a PhD or something? I tell you what, you can be the president of a university, of a company, of a country or the whole world, if I think you’re stupid (unconscious), you’re just a stupid person to me. Gosh, get over yourself.

The owner of this apartment, which is furnished, apparently is really attached to the furniture, some of which I don’t really need, so I’m planning to sell it or something. Like a small old tube TV, like wtf, the agency told me she doesn’t want the tenant to throw anything away, wtf? Girl, if you want it, just put it in your own apartment or something, but don’t rent it to someone else saying you don’t want them to throw it away, what is your damn problem? People need to stop being attached to shit like this, like wtf? Anyway, I’mma call the agency next week and ask them what happens if I throw them away and if they’ll just deduct it from the security deposit, then I’ll just fucking sell them 🤷‍♀️

But yeah, as I’ve said before, I don’t want to own and possess shit. I just want to go wherever I want not having some kind of number and identity attached to me that I need to fucking register somewhere, come on!

Hey, I’m getting relatively many views from India and India is (or was?) a more “messy” country, right? I mean that in a good sense. Are there still some regions where you can be just you, walking around without an external identity being projected on you? Like to go to random people and they welcome you like you’re their family or something?

I think there are still some places like that on Earth, what’s happening now is that we’re upgrading. Integrating modern technology, modern ways of living while at the same time going back to that “messy” kinda lifestyle, which only works if everyone’s enlightened. Because you know what caused all that complicated system shit like politics and governments and restrictions and shit? That’s right, not being enlightened. The ego. Identification with illusions, that’s what caused it.

How would a society function without system you ask? Well, think about it. I mean, you probably can’t really think it, you have to experience and feel it, but I’mma try to explain it anyway.

Why did we construct all these complicated rules and restrictions? Because the human mind was running wild, it was doing stuff for egoic reasons, it always wanted more of everything, more for itself. And if you want all that shit for egoic reasons, then of course someone needs to put restrictions on you, otherwise you’ll harm society. Companies make subscribing and paying super easy, but if you wanna unsubscribe and stop paying, it’s a fucking pain in the ass to navigate to do that on their homepages… You see, a lot of shit was constructed based on egoic thinking and intentions.

Also, rules and restrictions were created to protect something. To protect “your”self, “your stuff”, “your” something… So it was created out of the fear of losing something or getting hurt or dying. Everything that is done from a place of fear and for egoic reasons is unsustainable. A truly awakened person realizes:

“In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

There is no “you” that needs to be protected. There is no “your” stuff that you need to protect. Nothing happens to you if you let yourself be vulnerable, the opposite is the case, amazing things start to happen. You naturally just take what you really need and act solely based on your intuition.

In that state, it is impossible to need rules and restrictions. And that’s where we’re going. Some kind of enlightened anarchism, if you wanna call it that. If society functions based on enlightenment instead of… what do call it? What it has been based on so far, then everything will naturally take care of itself. Everything we need is already here. Everything you need will be provided. Everyone will live in alignment with their personal truths, doing stuff they like and so naturally contribute their part to the global community.

That’s why different people have different interests. Some people are naturally interested in plants, some are interested in painting, some are interested in science. In a world where everyone follows their interests in an awakened state of mind, everything will flow like I described naturally.

Okay, this got very extensive lol. I don’t know, I still feel like going back to my old apartment somehow. Because when I moved out, some of the people living in the same building seemed to be very sad about it. And the reason I initially wanted to move out were all the smokers and occasionally loud music, but since I moved in, I think I caused the building to be a lot quieter lol. What also comes with this awakening shit is that you can’t really avoid uncomfortable situations anymore. Like the normal reaction when you deal with stupid people is to just go away and let them be, but me, I don’t want to just let them be, I want to beat consciousness into their stupid heads, so that they wake the fuck up, so I feel like that’s also one reason I feel like going back to my old apartment. Because there are a lot of people who need a punch of consciousness lol.

Also, this apartment I have now is bigger, which is kinda… Idk, uncomfortable lol. I really fell in love with my first minimalist apartment at first sight, with this one though, I had to kinda convince myself real hard. Idk, man. If I move back up, I’ll be regularly annoyed by the smokers again. If I stay here, it’s colder and I’ll be scared by spiders lol. Guess I have to make compromises no matter where I go 🤷‍♀️

But I do feel drawn to the places with more people that I don’t really have to interact with that much lol. Okay, looking at the way I talk here, I really seem to want to go back up. People tell me to just stay here a few months and then see if I really don’t like it, but you know me, I like to act fast, so it feels like on Monday I might just tell the agency that I changed my mind lol. The problem is just that there is this stupid 3-month-rule -.- Which means I’d have to pay the rent for another 3 months until I can move out again 🤷‍♀️ Maybe they’ll make an exception. I’m sure consciousness will help me, like it always does XD

Like yesterday, when I saw that I got a discount for the Internet thingy I ordered that I didn’t know about? Like basically, I don’t have to pay for Internet at all this month? Idk how and why, but yeah XD The universe is on your side! XD

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