Green 🟒

As I said in this post, I was sure consciousness would guide me through my little “dilemma” with the new apartment and I suppose it kinda did today (yesterday, Sep 5th 2020, just couldn’t finish this post yesterday lol) XD

I was walking outside and I noticed that the plants are blooming more intensely than usual around this time of the year, green really struck my eye today. It was raining and it almost felt like I was in some kind of rain forest, as you can see here:

So then, I started seeing 7777 on car number plates, one of them was green lol. I think I saw them twice yesterday and 3 or 4 times today XD

When I randomly looked at my phone walking outside, I saw this:

Notice the battery being at 88 % and 17:17 (= 1 + 7 : 1 + 7 = 8:8, no? XD)

Then I went to the supermarket and this wafer caught my eye:

“BaumstΓ€mme”, I mean. “Baumstamm” means “tree trunk” in German. So those are wafers looking like tree trunks filled with chocolate cream. Now, I usually don’t eat processed stuff like that, but since it hit me in the eye, I picked it up to look at the ingredients and oh, which number did I see?

Chocolate cream 88 %! lol. You know what else is funny? The colors of this theme in the editor. Like when I link something or change the color of the text (I changed it to red), it appears green here πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ And the other stuff is purple and blue, as you can see here:

Seems rather random and unusual, huh? But yeah, the most prevalent colors I see when I close my eyes (my aura) are purple (color of enlightenment, 7th chakra) and green (color of healing, heart chakra) and sky blue is my standard favorite color (throat chakra, self-expression communication, healing foods: blueberries, raw honey… ohh… that’s why I’m craving blueberries so much these days! XD, also kinda spitting out what I think and express myself without reservations, so yeah πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ lol, also the color of my twin flame XD), so as I’m always saying: not a coincidence! XD

Anyway, I bought the wafers (of course I immediately felt kinda crappy after eating them XD) along with these cups and some random jam jars that caught my eye as well (since I like making jam out of blueberries and honey these days, they caught my eye just at the right moment! XD #synchronicities!)

Green! XD I don’t know, I saw these cups and the first thought I had was: “They would go well with my old apartment!”, so I bought them lol. And the reason why I’m writing a post about green here, well, because the agency’s logo that owns the apartment is green and the kitchen in my old apartment was green as well and since all the plants are in full green bloom (lol) and I also keep seeing people wearing really eye-striking green clothes (yesterday I saw a little kid that stared at me lol), I suppose my intuition of going back to my old apartment is correct.

So tomorrow, I’m gonna go to the agency and see if I can get out of here fast back into my old apartment XD Wish me luck!

You know, I usually don’t (or didn’t use to) buy stuff randomly without thinking too much, but these days, everything is just done out of intuition and when the universe tells you to do something, you do it! XD

My former “unenlightened” self would’ve forbidden me to buy anything that I don’t necessarily need at this moment worrying about my financial situation, but that’s past XD I cannot and I refuse to worry about that shit anymore, because first, I’ve always thought that money is just a construct of the human mind and if we didn’t assign any value to it, it wouldn’t have any. And secondly, I trust that the universe will provide everything you need at right divine time. And so far, it has worked very well XD

My grandma called me today asking if could meet at the bank, because she wants to give me the power of attorney of her bank account and stuff… I felt kinda sad. Not because I think death itself is bad, but because she might die without having made up with my mom (because my mom is very stubborn and has a heavy pain body as well) and without having consciously experienced the world and the bliss beyond the material world… Please, people, don’t die like that…

Also, here is the English version of the song I’m listening to on loop these days, purple and blue! 😈😈😈

See me all all day
Yeah, watch me paint paint paint
Pull all these colors
from the wonders of my bra-bra-brain

I’m in the zone
I’m in the zone
I’m free up here, yeah

I’m spinning now
And I can finally see those hidden places

I know that we’ll make it to the top
Just following our heart

A brand new generation and no, we ain’t afraid

I had all these doubts, but I went and kicked ’em out
And I made lemonade out of these lemons in my mouth
(yeah, I love myself a nice lemon tea with honey! XD)

Breaking the rules
Breaking the rules
Breaking the rules, yeah!

That’s me! 😈 Watch me turning the world upside down! lol

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