Let’s look at these two pictures again, shall we?|頭ではnoでも心がoh yes? 😈

More interesting things came to my mind regarding those to pictures after publishing my last post yesterday…

First of all, you see the different physiques of the two men? The left one is tall and slender, while the right one is smaller and more “substantial”… Even THAT is in alignment with reality! Cuz my Japanese soulmate is tall and slim, whereas my twin flame is more like the dude in the right pic… Un-fucking-believable 😂😂😂

And then I also noticed… In the picture with the fire man, the man is the universe and the woman rests in his arms, but in the twin flame picture, the woman is the universe, more like she da one who takes care of him than the other way round 😂 I guess, this also makes sense, because when I think of my soulmate, it’s a rather calm and relaxing laid-back atmosphere (I think I even published a post where I said I wanna fall asleep on his chest and never wake up again… *cringes* XDDD), whereas twin flames, as you know, energize the shit out of each other 😂😂😂, so that wouldn’t really be a relationship where come home and relax, y’know? 🤷‍♀️

Anywho… the soulmate still got some issues, like I think he’s rather easily offended and just stops talking to you and disappears at the slightest sign of disagreement 😂😂😂 Dudes galore, but no one on ma level 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂 But I spose if that were the case, it wouldn’t be so much fun to play around with them and write about it here, huh? 😂😂😂

N tomorrow some dude will come over to repair my water taps 😂 I hope it will cost more than 100€, cuz then I don’t have to pay it… If it’s less I’ll have to pay, which, as you all know, I cannot afford rn 😂 But as those people have a rather challenging job, people often give them tips, so I wanted to do that too, so I went to the bank to withdraw 5€ (cuz I don’t have a lotta cash), but the lowest that was possible was 10€, so I tried that, but then they said they will charge me 5€ for that withdrawal! Wtf?! I pay 5€ just to withdraw fucking 10€? Jesus, why?! 😂

Anyway, I feel sorry, cuz they seem to be very nice n friendly people, y’know… So I want to give them something. Now I wished I had a lotta money 😂, not for me, but to give it to all those cool people out there who’re doing all that work behind the scenes to keep things going while being so nice n friendly… 🥺🥺🥺 Well, I’ll at least offer him some of the biscuits I bought today 😂

Also, for some reason, my fridge (only the outside, especially the back) started to smell fucking disgusting lol. So I did some research on why only the outside smells like that… I don’t know, there are a few possibilities. I just hope it’s not because something’s leaking or something… Cuz I ain’t got the nerves nor the money to take care of that shit rn 😂😂😂 or… ever 😂😂😂 I hate it when things like this happen, y’know? It always reminds me how fucking 面倒 physical existence is… Too much shit I don’t care about and don’t wanna take care of 😂😂😂

I call it “Lake of Death”, cuz it’s burning red 😈🔥

This is a picture I took and edited today. Actually, I just wanted to make the purple light (with blue border) I saw there today more visible 😂, but then it turned into a piece of art 😂 Cuz you know, they installed some “random” PURPLE lights around that lake. In fact, I’ve been seeing “random” purple lights a lot recently, like for example in this post, if you remember.

Since it was day, my cam didn’t really catch the light very well, but here it is:

You see the light in the lower left corner and right under the bridge? Ooo… n here we have it again! BRIDGE! 😂 Synchronicities for me 😈😂

And then I bought the biscuits I talked about yesterday and they also have a purple design 😂

The purple color is probably not that well visible here, but still 🤷‍♀️ Pretty design, huh? 😂

From a marketer’s perspective, choosing colors like purple and blue for food doesn’t make much sense tho, cuz those aren’t really appetizing colors, y’know? It’s actually the reddish and yellowish colors that stimulate your appetite 🤷‍♀️, which also makes sense, cuz the lower chakras are all of those colors, like first chakra is red and associated with all the basic stuff like survival, food, security, etc. That’s why most fast food chains’ and restaurants’ logos have red and/or yellow in their logo, y’know? 😂 #color psychology 😈

Maybe one of the reasons McDonald’s is still the most successful fast food chain 😂 Damn, I haven’t been there in ages… I wanna go there and stuff myself with french fries and chicken McNuggets XDDD Wow, I just googled chicken McNuggets and… the boxes are also purple, huh? 😂

I had this dream 2 days ago where I was chatting with Ten Lee on Instagram… Prior to this, I had looked at some of his art on Instagram, look at this:

He draws really bizarre stuff and a lot of it also red n black… also a soulmate? 😂😂😂 Also, he’s very good friends with Taemin, who’s also the blue type 🤔, so yep, makes sense that Ten pops up in my dreams, huh? 🤷‍♀️ In fact, Taemin has popped up there as well, now that I think about it 🤔 It was more twin flame-like, very intense energy 😂 Ten was in fact the calmer soulmate type in the dream 😂 I mean, it’s so interesting to have those soulmates and twin flames all over the place, but I spose to a lot of them you’ll never talk 🤷‍♀️ Of course I could really try to send Ten a message like “Hey, I had a dream where I was chatting with you on Instagram while you where backstage preparing for a show” 😂😂😂, but I hardly think he’ll read it, cuz he got over 4M followers and… I just sent it LOL. You never know 🤷‍♀️ Miracles happen every day, right? 😂 If he does read it, he’ll either immediately understand or be like wtf is she talking about?! Cuz I talked in a very “spiritual way” 😂 But it feels like he’s kinda into that stuff too, so 🤷‍♀️

Anyway… is that all I wanted to talk about today? 🤔 Probably forgot something again, but oh well 😂 I’m sure I’ll remember and then blabber about it another post 😂😂😂 or add it to this one if I remember while preparing for bed, as it seems to be the case a lot 🤷‍♀️😂

Oh shit, I forgot to clean up the space around the water taps a little for the tap repair man (is there a word for those people? XD)… man, so many annoying things to do 😂

And as today’s ending one of the songs that was recommended to me today and that I’m still listening to right now (altho the lyrics are a little too cheesy for my liking 😂 altho at this point… I think I’ve started to like it 😂 I mean, of course it’s nice if it comes from the right place 🤷‍♀️🤣). Might be what ma Japanese soulmate is thinking and feeling (I hope! 😂😂😂).

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