Okay, so he replaced the water taps XD

He replaced the 2 water taps completely, so I’m pretty sure that will be more than 100€, so I won’t have to pay it XDDD Also, I gave him all the coins that were left in my wallet, so about 2€… Would’ve liked to give him more, but that’s all I had… n I just noticed that one of the taps is still leaking ha.ha.ha… Jesus Christ, do I have to call them again? XD Man… why can’t that shit just take care of itself? XD (I know, I say this a lot, but it’s true 🤷‍♀️ XD)

Okay, my mom just told me she could need the 147€ I usually send her every month and I told her “I can send you 35€ and then I’m broke” 😂😂😂 Luckily, I can just work it off for her, since she works online and I can do some of the work for her 😂 So I think I’m good doing that work a few minutes a day to get to 147€ a month 😂 … n now she just told me I have to earn 223, because the rest is taxes… -.- fucking annoying system, I’M GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU! lol

Besides that, I hope I’ll somehow manage to accumulate enough money to pay the next rent without having to do too much low-conscious shit 😂😂😂 You know, I just saw angel number 18 in a synchronicity… and then I googled it and the first search result was this:

“To find the meaning of angel number 18 you have to examine the individual digits that make it up, 1 and 8. Number 1 is the number of individuality, assertiveness, initiative, and leadership.

Number 1 is concerned with mastery over the material aspect of our lives.

The number 8 is the number of material abundance and prosperity. When you see the number 8 in your experience, it is usually a sign that abundance is on its way to you now.

When coupled with number 1, this is a sign that you are now, or will soon be manifesting your material desires.” (Source)

Is that so? 😈 Well, I hope it will happen before the end of this month 😂😂😂

Besides that, I keep seeing the numbers 707 and 777 a lot these days… I mean, I’m kinda used to 777, but 707 is relatively new, so:

“Angel Number 707 is a message is that you deserve accolades for the mental, spiritual and physical work you have been doing in your life. You are helping yourself and many others with your current life choices and actions, and you are being commended, encouraged and supported by the angelic and spiritual realms. Continue your great work and shine your light brightly.

Angel Number 707 encourages you to become more self-aware by exploring aspects of yourself with curiosity rather than judgement. Once you see yourself clearly and are self-aware you can develop new life skills and create a more contented and joyful life. It also deepens the connection you have with yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Ask yourself what you need and what is vital to your wellbeing, then set out to fulfill those needs. Ask yourself what gifts you have to share with the world and how best to utilize them.

Angel Number 707 is a message to continue to focus upon your spirituality and life purpose and soul mission. A change in consciousness will help you to create a positive new reality for yourself as well as a renewed sense of wellbeing.” (Source)

N then the first search result for 777:

“Repeatedly Seeing the Angel Number 777 means you’re Going to right way to achieving you Success. 3. It also Indicating negative connotation Due to gambling and thats help to know as positive number 4. Angel Number 777 also helps to know by come frequently when you are enjoying a string of luck 5.” (Source)

Okay… the person who wrote this… no good at Engurishu! XD But you get the point XD I usually use http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/ to look up angel numbers, since it seems to be the most experienced and reliable source, but today I felt like trying something different and just took the first search results 🤷‍♀️ And since they are also in alignment with what’s happening, I think I was supposed to do so 😈

I had a weird dream today… There was snow n stuff, but the things that were notable were 1. a woman (specifically the mother of my former best friend) in a red suit and 2. me about to pay the broadcasting fees (which I’m certainly NOT gonna do irl! 😠 lol) and then seeing a 50 cent coin. Let’s first interpret the meaning of the woman in the red suit 🤔

As you might have noticed if you’ve read my last few posts, I’m seeing a red a lot these days. What’s the meaning or red? Pretty obvious, but as a reminder:

“The spiritual representation of red is power, energy, vitality, dominance, action, assertion, creation, survival and passion. When a spiritual sign appears in your life that is red, it usually represents that you are ready to take action on a new goal or project that you have been putting off.” (Source)

I also saw a lot of red at the end of my dark night of the soul, which made me realize that it was over, that I do not longer necessarily want to kill myself, that I am alive now lol.

And now, what do suits represent?

“A suit is the uniform of success. By wearing a suit you are saying, both in American culture and most other cultures on this planet, that you are succeeding. It is as simple as that. People see the suit you are wearing, and it has an effect on them.” (Source)

Oh yes 😈 I’m on da fucking way! 😈

By the way, there is also the symbol of the red rose in the song I shared yesterday 😈:

Which also reminds me of a pic I took yesterday! So I just edited it and this came out XD:


The colorful leaf on the right looks pretty cool I think XD But I guess you can’t really see the shapes of the rose here, so here’s a previous version 🤔:


For some reason, Instagram extremely compressed this one, as opposed to the other one… annoying lol. And now it’s showing some error when I tryna edit a pic 🤷‍♀️ Seems Instagram has some problem rn… Well, tryna upload it later again, huh? Why is shit not working these days? XD

Got an idea for a new drawing today, but haven’t even finished the other one… XD

N now it’s time for some bragging! 😈😂😂. I talked to two people today who told me that it’s fun to listen to my podcasts and one of them said I sound like someone who does art 😈 Well, that is a nice compliment, thank you, awesome person~ 😈 N then he confessed that he fell in love at first sight hearing my voice and looking at my art 😂😂😂

M (= I’m, new abbreviation! 😈😂) always touched when I get such detailed feedback! 🥲 At some point I think I’ll have so much abbreviations that it’ll be a completely new language 😂 N then I’ll also mix other languages in 🤷‍♀️😂 N then you won’t be able to understand what I write if you haven’t read all my explanations 😂 M just kidding, I’ll try to make it understandable 😂 … maybe. lol

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